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Brush & Bristles Facts

I want to know which type of bristle works best for me.

10 years ago, we spoke about brush styles and the results a particular style was best able to accomplish.Until recently, the type of brush (rounder, cushion,vent, styling) determined what one could do.Now, due to multiple combinations of various bristle types with different brush bristle block sections, it ismore appropriate to discuss what combination can do what.I will describe different types of bristles then I will bring different types of brush styles into the picture so you can see the complexity facing you, the Spornette brush user.

Let’s cover the bristle basics…


As the name implies, boar bristles come from the hair of boars.These bristles are similar in many

ways to human hair in structure.There are basically 3 variations of boar bristle combinations offered:

  • 100% boar.
  • Reinforced with same length nylon bristles.
  • Porcupine bristle tufts featuring boar and longer (usually white) nylon bristles.
  • Boar bristles are ideal for:
  • Catching and holding hair for styling and
    setting curls.
  • Catching and holding hair for straightening strands in conjunction with hair straightening liquids and, many times, with the aid of a hair dryer.
  • Boar bristles will:
  • Distribute natural oils through the hair.
  • Strip the hair of dead hair strands.
  • Create a shiny, healthy look by closing the hair strand cuticles so light is reflected .

Nylon (or synthetic plastic) bristles have the capability of penetrating into and going through any hair texture.Most nylon bristles have a degree of flexibility so that if a snarl is present, the bristles will tend to “give” so that snarl will slide over the bristle.Unless nylon bristles are either very thick or made with certain additives,they tend to get soft and may even melt under too much heat from a hair dryer.


Ion emitting bristles emit minus or (-) negative ions when going through hair. These ions are said to make hair shiny and supple. It is claimed that molecular size clusters of water are broken into even smaller clusters that can more readily enter one’s hair strands. Moisture enriched strands tend to be supple, stronger, healthier, and more controllable.


Wire pin bristles are used on hair pieces and occasionally on tangled, snarly hair. Due to the

inability of the pins to “give”, they will literally brush through any snarl or tangle.

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