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Create Volume With Hair Brush

I want to create a lot of volume while drying and styling my hair.

Choose a Spornette vented air styler you feel comfortable using.

Vent brushes are vented to permit heated air to circulate through the brush. This enables hair to dry evenly and quickly with maximum control. There are 2 styles of vents...

  • One style is open this is the skeleton style
    at the sides
  • One style is closed this is the styling vent style
    at the sides
  • Most bristles are heat resistant which means you can apply heat directly onto the hair and bristle sections. However, you must use common sense and not overheat the hair! Vents should be tipped for gentleness.

To maximize volume For medium to longer hair sections...
Towel dry your hair. Apply mousse or gel by the roots of your hair. Tilt your head downward and brush hair from the roots outward in an upward direction while applying heat
from a dryer. Brush hair towards the front so it goes against the root’s growth pattern. When completely dry, use the dryers’ cold button for maximum support.

On the very top of the hair...
Brush from the front to the back against the direction of the roots' growth pattern as hair on the top or front of your scalp tends to grow forward. Apply heat as this creates a lot of lift on the crown. When dry, flip the hair back for a full volume look.

To get a slight flip or to frame your face...
Use the outer rows of your brush to gather and hold the end of a hair section. Bend the hair over the outer rows in the direction you like and use hot air to direct the flip.

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